Gotham Global Fitness was founded by Ary Nunez in 1998. Ary´s goal was to creatively bridge the worlds that surrounded her and inspirationally contribute to society. As a New York City native Ary was exposed to a wide and colorful array of culture, art, Literature, science, Health and Wellness. In search for identity and community Ary sought to fuse these worlds that at times collided. What tools might this NYC native utilize to make magic best weight bench.

The answer was Gotham Global Fitness . . .

Gotham Global Fitness´s Mission is to bring forth pioneering methods in training our minds, our bodies and our sense of spirit with confidence and bravado. For Ary its about developing the person in the context of their world and allowing them to see and actualize their value and talents. Gotham Global Fitness is the vehicle to make this happen! We at Gotham make it happen through the wonderful world of health and wellness, whatever form it may take on! We are always prepared at Gotham Global Fitness! Bring it on! We will bring you on!